About Us

Herwishlist is all about a happy wife/life!

The idea for Herwishlist started in 2020, when Matthew von Teichman gave what he thought was a beautiful purse to his lovely wife, only to find out that she thought it was hideous! Being polite and not wanting to destroy Matt's fragile ego, she promptly put it in her closet, never to have it see the light of day again.

One day, Matt realized that Jasmin had permanently stored the new purse when he overheard her laughing with a friend about what a lousy gift giver he was, to which her friend responded, 'Join the Club', and proceeded to discuss how her husband had forgotten both her birthday and anniversary in the same year.

Herwishlist was born out of Matt's eavesdropping on that conversation. He realized that what many men need, is someone to do the shopping for them, that actually has taste. On top of that, a quick reminder of the key dates in your lovely ladies life wouldn't be the worst idea ever, and wrapping the gift would be a nice touch!

Voila- herwishlist was born.

Give us your wife/ girlfriend/ mother/ daughter's likes and dislikes, and the key dates in their lives like birthday, wedding anniversary, dating anniversary, children's birthdates..., and we'll send you emails not only reminding you of these special occasions, but suggesting some highly curated, sensational gift ideas for her that she will actually like!! Our team of shoppers (all women by the way), has scoured the world for unique gifts and experiences that the women in your life will not discard the minute you turn your back on them, but will actually appreciate and hopefully use quite often!

Subscribe to herwishlist and let us do the searching for you!

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